After the advent of the open sky policy, a number of Aircrafts have been imported to India (in addition to the indigenous production) for which maintenance facilities are made available in the country. To provide competitive maintenance facilities to Aircraft operators, supporting staff is necessary and they form the backbone of the aviation industry.

The key aircraft maintenance personnel are the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs). They are primarily responsible for keeping the aircraft airworthy. The AMEs are the sole competent and authorized personnel to certify an aircraft fit to be airborne. To say, in a layman's language, without an AME's approval, no aircraft will fly.This speaks volumes for the training of talented youth of our country in this field.


The Aircraft Maintanence Engineers are the backbone of Aviation Industry.They draw attractive salaries and are respected for their professionalism,dedication and hardwork.They are highly trained to repair and certify modern sophiscated aircraft.Some Establishments who appoint Aircraft Maintanence Engineers are:






1              Air India Ltd.

2              Jet Airways

3              Singapore Airlines

4              Paramount Airlines

5              Air Deccan

6              Spice Jet

7              Emirates

8              Qatar Airlines

9              Gulf air

10           Malaysian Airlines

11           Etihad Airlines

12           British Airways

13           Oman Airlines

14           Air France

15           American Airlines

16           Saudi Arabian Airlines

17           Sri Lankan Airways




1.            Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore

2              Air Bus Industries

3              Hindustan Aeronautical Limited

4              National Aerospace Laboratories

5              Honey Well Avionics

6              SNECMA New Delhi

7              Zodiac Aerospace

8              Cessna Aircraft Company

9              Tata Aero Space LTD, Hyderabad

10            DRDI - Defence Research and Development

11           Bharath Bynamics LTD. Hyderabad

12           Bell Helicopters, New Delhi



MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul)


1              GMR

2              Teneja Aerospace & Aviation LTD

3              Indamer Company PVT Ltd. Mumbai

4              Max Aero space & Avaiation Ltd. Mumbai

5              Menzies Aviation

6              Air works


 Software/Tech Publications


1                    Tata Consultancy Services

2                    Honewell Automation India

3                    Infotech

4                    Wipro

5                    CADES Digitech (P) Ltd. Bangalore

6                    Mahindra Satyam

7                    IBM India