LEARJET-25B and CESSNA-150 Aircrafts are available for training the students

Our Cessna150 and LearJet 25B


The following workshops are available for students' training. Each workshop is equipped with tools and equipment, for both General Engineering and specific jobs.

1) Fitting shop. 2) Machine shop. 3) Welding shop.

4) Sheet Metal shop. 5) Smithy shop. 6) Airframe Workshop.

7) Engine Workshops. (Piston Engine & Jet Engine).

8) Electrical Workshop. 9) Radio/Radar Workshop. 10) Instrument Workshop.

11) Tool Store. 12) NDT Shop. 13) Composite Repair shop.


The Institute has a library having every book relevant to the field of Aircraft maintenance training. Over 2600 volumes of international books, journals and magazines related to aviation Industry is available for ready reference. The Institute subscribes to a number of scholarly journals in different fields of study. It is also equipped with the photocopier and sufficient numbers of computers with acess to internet facility with broadband connection.


The Institute has spacious digital classrooms with modern facilities like OHP and LCD projectors. Each classroom is sufficiently ventilated, adequately lighted, fully furnished and limited to 30 students. Sufficient training aids, demonstation equipments and study materials are provided to facilitate complete comprehension of the instruction given.


'VIA' is a fully residential Institute which provides campus accommodation to all students and faculty. Well established separate hostels are provided for both boys and girls. Residential students are given special training which will prepare them to face life's challenges by deepening their faith, creating a sense of discipline and promoting friendship. Respect and tolerance that are essential to community living is acquired as well as the students talents are developed to full potential.